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Okay, okay, I give. Fandom, you win. I'm back, and I've got some *feelings*

This is the DW side of my sporadic fandom-and-life-babbling web presence. I am currently heavily fixated on Once Upon a Time but I am not what you'd call mono-fannish.

Other things that currently hold my attention include:

-Game of Thrones (incl Song of Ice and Fire series)
-Parks and Rec
-Dr Who

More broadly speaking, I gravitate toward SciFi, comedy, and animation, though I could probably be convinced of any genre in the right circumstances. I also occasionally flip out over a video game, or want to talk about books I'm reading. I have a genetic predisposition towards long brooding space operas.

I like vidding and vids for their own sake, and it appears I may have fallen backward into fic. I will try not to make a mess :P

I have difficulty focusing. What was I talking about.
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