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WHo wants to geek out with me about it? I have many feelings.  I have so many feelings that apparently I had to write a fic.  My first fic.  Ever.

See, I'd been watching piles of TV.  Tore through half of Breaking Bad, got distracted.  Tore through Arrested Deveopment, then Parks and Rec.  Briefly revisited Ally McBeal for very shallow (RDJ-shaped) reasons.  

And then at Vividcon (which I utterly failed to make a recs post for), there was [ profile] flummery 's Ramalama Bang Bang which *reminded me* that I was only about halfway through S1.  That vid planted a wee little seed in the back of my head, because there was a specific episode I'd heard about that I could already tell I would be particularly susceptible to (spoiler: I WAS RIGHT).  And uh so I caught up through 2.01 this weekend and all made an impression.  Huge.  Big deal.  I have thoughts.  Some are substantive, some not.  Let me share.

This was a slow-starter for me.  I mean, I kind of knew from the pilot that I was destined to get into it, but I had to get over details like the occasionally twee settings and stilted Fairytale Land dialogue.  Also Jiminy Cricket is a GODDAMN GRASSHOPPER but nevermind.  I stuck with it, because the basic concept was already a series of *direct lines* to both my squee and angst glands, with a hard hit at the center of my FEELS. Why?  Let's see:

1. Fairytale characters displaced in "our world"? CHECK
2. Angsty separation and longing for people who were, unbeknownst to you right in your reach the whole time? BIG CHECK
3. Familiar fantasy characters with their motivations established and complications of their characters fleshed out? YEP
4. SYMPATHETIC VILLAIN ROMANCE/ANGST? (imagine this with an imaginary flashing marquee tag).  Y HALO THAR
5. Bad-ass ladies who try to be good but it's not always that simple and they can kick ass and still make mistakes?  HELLO, PLEASE COME IN

Extreme bonus points for:

1. Loads of attention to female relationships. Everybody may be a bit too straight (in canon. for now) and in TWUE LOVE but I love that non-WUV relationships are also given so much time and attention. You have Powerful Men/Women and Weak Men/Women and I like that, at the moment, the balance is more for Powerful Important Women than men.  Even husbands/True Loves end up kind of 2nd string a lot of the time.  I'd love them to be brave and get bit queer (also more PoCs), but in the mean time I'm enjoying the power balance a *lot*. 
2. Amazing moments like where Emma tells Mary Margaret that it's no big deal to have a one-night stand (I lost my shit when that happend) and then having that neatly bookended in the latest episode with Snow telling Charming that the thing with Dr Whale was Curse Sex, so it didn't count so drop it (which is fair, on account of...uh...adultery).  I just love that all these folks who are essentially the *Disney* version of their characters are growin' up and being part of 2012.  It just makes me happy.  Oh, and they kind of FRIDGED A DUDE.  FOR EMMA'S LADY-PAIN.. AND THEN RED FUCKING ATE HER BOYFRIEND AND SNOW SAID "Look you didn't know the past is dead don't beat yourself up about it".
3. Everyone is (probably) redeemable at this point.  Which is kind of amazing, given some of the shit that Regina and Rumple have pulled.  The morality of this world is delightfully unsimple.  No one is definitely screwed yet (Uh except for Graham. I think he's pretty dead now.)
4. It's like they know my type.  Seriously, the male cast. Holy carp, aquaman.  I know this is shallow but guys this NEVER HAPPENS for me in shows, and Show had me at Emma cutting down the apple tree so I am feeling okay about appreciating this. Anyway, BOYS I AM HERE FOR ALL OF YOU except for Charming.  I know, I know.  Snow/Charming, big hairy deal.  I mean, he's a decent guy, he's good to Mary Margaret and makes her happy and WELL HE HAD BETTER and he helped make Emma, so good for him.  But everywhere else I turn there is just all of this 5 o'clock shadow and dark curly hair and pouty haunted eyes and SOME OF THEM MISS THEIR CHILDREN and then Sebastian Stann shows up in leather pants and SHOW WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO TO ME?????
 And finally: Qualities leading to my invevitable decline into ceaseless OTP perma-squee:

1.  Oh shit they did a Beauty and the Beast thing.  It was bad enough when they gave Rumpelstiltskin a *son* and a tragic story. But now...

Guys.  This is where I go off the goddamn hook, I am not even kidding. There is nothing rational here.  This is my *kryptonite*. Beauty and the Beast-type stories have been with me a long time, and I am very *particular* about how they should work and a lot of recent attempts have done *nothing for me*.  The last time I felt this way was when I wandered into a campus screening of Jean Cocteau's La Belle Et La Bette back when I was an undergrad and I was *not prepared* and I sat quietly and *did not move* and had lots of *strange feelings* and didn't get over it for a *long time*.

Seriously though, I am so into Rumbelle I don't even know what to do with myself.  This is Maximum ID Squee. I was having a great time for noble reasons and then Skin Deep happened and asksl;dajsflkadsjklfjdalgdakl;g  now I am ruined.  They just *had* to do a Beauty and Beast thing, and they had to make the beast particularly haunted and also Scottish and he made some Huge Mistakes and he misses his son and he IS REALLY CONFLICTED and SHOW WHAT ARE DOING TO ME I DO NOT DO THIS. 

YOU GUYS.  I WROTE FIC.  LAST NIGHT.  I WROTE FIC.  IT WAS ALMOST SMUT BUT THEN IT PULLED BACK INTO ANGST.  I have never written fic before, in my life.  I don't even know what to do now, because...I DON'T KNOW. Part of me wants to seek like, betas and then put it on Fanfiction or OT3.  Another part of me wants to crumple the (symbolic) paper up and swallow it and then jump out the window (just to be sure).

I feel so weird about it because it feels almost *disconnected* from the rest of my fannishness about OUAT.  Like this ship is its own thing and I kind of have to consider/evaluate it separately from the rest of the show and I almost don't care about what canon does with it because I've got it and I am NOT ALONE and we can all take it and run with it.

Although I do want to see Belle fleshed out.  I want her not to be an all-forgiving angel, or a doormat and I'm hoping she's not the exception that proves the rule for this show.  But uh, if she is WE CAN FIX IT *twitches*

So, uh.  If anyone has some fic Recs then...shoot.  Be gentle.  I'm new at this.


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