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Dear Festividder,

OMG, look at you! You are here to make me a VID! <3 <3 <3 to you! You are amazing, and this is a super cool thing to do for someone. So LET'S GET TO IT!

My theme for this year is FEELINGS. I have a somewhat random assortment of movies and TV, but they all have something in common: they all have moved me in some significant way.

General likes in vids

I am inclined to like vids. I like playing with lyrics and the theme of the song. I LOVE LOVE LOVE internal motion and choreography. I like it when I can see something new every time I

see a vid. I love when vidders get interpretive with lyrics.


Overuse of literalism. Overuse of filters/effects for the sake of using filters and effects. Microcutting for the sake of micro-cutting.

...actually that sounds like different parts of the same issue: it's just about making mindful desicions about the hows and whys of a vid. (I'm one of those people, sorry). I think the idea should carry the vid, and the cutting and effects should serve the idea. There's a really wide variety of styles that I like, including effects heavy vids, but they all have *intent*, if that makes sense. 


I'm pretty easy with music, as I genuinely enjoy a wide range of stuff. All time favorites include David Bowie, pre-Good News Modest Mouse, Velvet Underground, MGMT, Tori Amos, Andrew Bird, Joanna Newsom, the Pixies, and classic Elton John. Currently I can't stop listening to Sleigh Bells, San Fermin (esp Sonsick omg), Cold War kids and Janelle Monae. But I like rock, most pop (esp upbeat), folk, soul, funk, psychadelic stuff, intrumental, metal, hip hop and I can be convinced about country western. I like finding new music through vids.

I don't have a lot of no-go areas, but "Things that sound like Nickleeback or Evanescence" are gonna be a hard sell. Also this is totally random but I basically can't stand Vampire Weekend. I don't know what it is about them. I don't know. I just...*shrugs*.

Adventure Time:

I love this show. No, you don't understand...I LOVE this show. With my heart, and certain secret parts of my brain. This show has given me more feelings and character investment than

most primetime "grownup" tv. I do love weird surreal animation in general, but with Adventure Time it's SPECIAL.

Feel: LOVE

Part of what makes it so great is the wordbuilding: the obvious love that Pen Ward and the writers/designers have for the land of Ooo and its inhabitants. This show has a soul and a heart,

even when it twists your mind inside out.

It's so many stories done without ham-handedness: a boy and his dog, girls and their fathers, women and their friendships with other women, love, parenting, abandonment, found families, overcoming fear.

I love Marceline, I love Finn and Jake, I LOVE BMO, I love Peebs. I even love LEMON GRAB. Holy crap, my brain. If you slash PB/Marceline I am THERE FOR YOU. I love this show so much. If you
wanted to make a vid about Peppermint Butler I would probably love you.

This show has made me cry more than most "adult" live actions how.
This show made me tear up at the THEME TO CHEERS.

If any of this makes sense to you, then you GET IT and I want to see what you've goooot. Yay.

The Fisher King

Feel: Hope

I loved this movie when I was a teenager. Terry Gilliam in general does it for me, but this one made probably the biggest *emotional* impact.

Did you know Robin Williams won a Golden Globe for his performance in this? Perry is my favorite. Perry and Lydia are my favorite, but I like Anne and Jack almost as much. The DANCE SCENE is my favorite. Ugh, this movie I need to go and watch it right now. If you want to focus on the darkness of this movie, I do not mind one bit. Just let a *little* light in, would you?


Fur: A Portrait of Dianne Arbus

Feel: *Ahem*

From the woman who wrote The Secretary, comes an arguably much weirder film with pretty much equal amounts of sexual tension. This movie has some really stunning imagery and emotional beats, even if it crosses over into the absurd (and offensive?). Let's just say that the shaving scene *affected* me. Something about Dianne's discovery/embracing of who she really is would be super keen.

Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo

You'd think it would be "hope" given the source material, but that would mean you hadn't seen this psychadelic anime space-opera re-imagining of Monte Cristo. If you feel like falling down a well of shocking lights and colors then knock yourself out. If you are already familiar then YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN, RIGHT?

A POV from the Count himself would be cool, as would a vid about poor Albert and all of (actually understandable) AAAANNGST. A vid about both of them would be good, but I'd prefer Gen over slash...I don't go to a slashy place with them. If you want to make BIG GOTHY PILE OF GLITTERIING WOE I am HERE FOR YOU, BB*. OH! I also like Valentine and Max. Almost anything would be good. IT'S SO PRETTY IT NEEDS MORE VIDS, basically.

*Er, though I tend to fall more on the Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy and NIN side than the Nightwish (eeg) and Evanescence one.

Millenium Acrtress :

Feel: Nostalgia

Sometimes I remember that Satoshi Kon died, and then I get really sad :( Tokyo Godfathers, Perfect Blue, Paprika...he really was up there with Miyazaki and Ghibli with elevating animation to art (but with a feel all of his own). Millenium Actress just moved me, deeply. I spent most of it wanting to cry and not quite knowing why. A vid about Chiyoko's 'chase' would be lovely.

This is a terrible quality trailer, btw.  The film is BEAUTIFUL and EASILY FOUND IN PRETTY SUPREME PRETTYNESS.


Feel: Affection for Teenaged Awkwardness

Submarine is about that point in your life when you start learning what is really involved with "growing up", and getting a taste of what is involved with being an adult. That includes SCREWING IT UP and hurting/letting down other people, sometimes quite badly. Oliver is so not at all ready for any of it, but TOO BAD, KID. And if you think you can rely on adults to have their shit together? Well, that's a whole other lesson. I'm happy for anything dealing with the main characters or themes of the film. Oliver/Joanna, Joanna POV, Oliver and his AMAZING PARENTS OMG his dad. Hell, if you wanted to make it about Graham Purvis or the unreliability of the adults I'd be down.

A Tale of Two Sisters (Janghwa, Hongryeon )

Feel: Some really pretty version of melancholy

I really like horror movies sometimes. This is some gore, but it's mostly psychological. It's just such a hauntingly beautiful film. I asked for it in the 2nd Festivids. I will try again. It may become a permanent staple. Obviously I'd like the emphasis to be on the sisters.

The Great Mouse Detective

This was one of my all-time favorite Disney movies when I was a kid. Yaaaaay Basil and Dawson and Olivia!

Just something that does justice to it.

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