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 Title: Too Late Baby
Artist: Foxy Shazam
Source: Once Upon a Time
*Spoilers for S1 and 2, character death.*

Summary: Rumpelstiltskin: The Autobiography of an Unreliable Narrator

Made for Vividcon's Challenge Amnesty Show, 2013 (Self-Portrait, natch)

THANK YOU to [ profile] sweetestdrain for being my beta, especially for help and advice about how to structure the ending.

Download (xvid): here (57 MB)

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Title: Baptism
Artist: Crystal Castles
Neon Genesis Evangelion
TW for strobe effects, sexualized violence, and suicide

Blurb (from program):  "Take care of yourself"

Download (50.9 MB): here

Made for Club Vivid, Vividcon 2013.  

Huge, staggering, unbelievable thanks to [ profile] absolutedestiny /[personal profile] absolutedestiny for repeated beta, and constant support and encouragement.   Some day I will let you teach me masking!  SOME DAY! 

Thanks also to a rag-tag band of vidding misfits who said "OMG FINISH THAT EVA VID I WANT IT"  It was the push I needed to get it in this year.

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Notes, special vidder thoughts )Notes on some of the text/characters )
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Note; This is just the con report in text. I'm going to do a separate Vid Recs/reaction post, because a: People should like things that I like and b: It will be good for me?

Okay, I'm going to write this now, because once I get back to work it's just gonna get sucked down the vortex of "LATER I PROMISE". But as a warning: I am sitting in Oxford, having dragged myself kicking and screaming awake from a nap, thinking "man, it was really nice of [ profile] pipsqueaky to take us to Dairy Queen for Blizzards and then drop us off at our house an hour ago".

You guys, that happened *yesterday night*. IN A DIFFERENT COUNTRY.

Also, I didn't take notes so this is all pulled directly from the labyrinth that is my *brain*.

ETA: Didn't finish it, try Saturday Morning Sunday PM brain instead. ANYWAY


Pre-Con: Zombie Apocalypse??? )

Thursday: Meeting People, Registration, House of Meat )

Friday: Vidshows )

Ok, wow. That's a lotta post. I think I should break this into sections. Behold, Pt 1.
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This is a Vividcon post. If that means anything to y'all, read on. Well I mean, read on if you want to read on, just, if you don't know what Vividcon is you will be a bit confused.

SO...two things:

1) I FINISHED MY SHOSHANNA VID. JETLAG HELPED. IT'S IN VVC PREMIERES. IT MIGHT NOT SUCK. IF IT DOES, I WILL BE TOLD. NO PRESSURE, ME. In lieu of photgraphs I provide you with this illustration of how this makes me feel: :D D: :D D: :D

I want to vid more. I have ideas queued up.

2) I am really looking forward to VVC. Straight up. Hopefully the flight won't fuck my ankles up as much flying to Texas did so I can dance as hard as I can. OMG I haven't seen some of you guys in a *year* OMG MORE PLEASE. And I get to see *caaaaaaaats*. I am so animal deprived, you guys. I just spent 6 hours at a street festival gazing longingly at people's puppies.

Apparently I am tired and rambly, and therefore you do not get more substance in this update. Whoops.


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