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 Reveals are done!  We are dusted!  Our Festivids lives are complete!   I am a slow slow slug and am only posting about it now, so I hope y'all aren't too burned out on vid-talk.

First of all, my very own vid that was made FOR ME!  I received a TOTALLY FUN and BOUNCY vid to Toys by [ profile] deejay , which you can peruse at your leisure here.  Extra thanks to her for picking up a rather last-minute pinch hit (I thought I may not have been making it easy this year!)

Next is the vid I made for [personal profile] bingeling:

Collage - a Homeland character study of the relationship between Carrie and Saul.  I have a looooot to say about this vid.  It's by far the most ambitious idea I've made thusfar (or at least fininshed and released).  I had the idea back in the summer, and promptly intimidated myself out of doing it.   But when I got my assignment I saw that they'd named Saul and Carrie's relationship SPECIFICALLY BY NAME I thought it must be a SIGN.  

I'm glad I got the nudge I needed to actually pull it off, and I'm even gladder that it was what they *wanted*.   The reception to it was so so incredibly satisfying...I GOT A WHOLE WALL OF TEXT FROM MY RECIPIENT.  PARAGRAPHS OF "I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE".

All in all a good time.  Except I still need to do a recs post!  Do we still care about recs?  I do!

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Dear Festividder,

Well, here we are again. Or in your case it may be the first time. Who knows? Regardless, you are here now to make me a vid! Either way my tiny hands are clapping in anticipation.

This year I have a theme, and that theme is "formative childhood movies/tv". Be warned, I watched a hell of a lot of cartoons.

Also, here is a general prompt: I really don't have a lot of specific ideas in mind for these sources. What I'm honestly saying with my requests is this: You, My Secret Vidder, volunteered for these sources. You did that for a reason. That's what I want to see: your reason. I didn't have a lot of "TV friends" growing up who I shared these with. Seeing someone else getting excited about them via VIDS would be awesome. I am, as always, happy to have treats!

So, in rough order of how tightly they have wound my heartstrings, I give you:

The Wonderful World of Puss In Boots (Toei Animation 1969) SAFETY )

Twice Upon a Time (safety) )

Toys )

Count Duckula )

All Dogs Go To Heaven )
Rainbow Bright and the Star Stealer )

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BTW here is a list things going on in my life, which may also explain how poorly I've done with the "talk to internet more" resolution that I'm definitely going to write down any day now.

1. Negotiated renewal terms for the house and: I can have pets! Small pets. Caged pets. I want rats! Rats are terrific. I emailed a breeder a week ago, but she still hasn't gotten back to me.

2. ALSO: Work! We are in the Final Crunch. We launch the game on Feb 15th. There has been much overtime. There shall be much more. Outside of work I have been doing very little other than eating, sleeping and:

3. Minecraft! Good wholesome fun. 1m users agree. On Peaceful mode with draw distance set to maximum it's also a very soothing affair (hence its current appear to half of our office). I bought probably 40 games over the Steam holiday sales and guess what I've played instead? Hint: MINECRAFT.

4. Right after launch, I am going to Asheville, NC, home of NOAA for a big launch event. The is hosting it, I believe? I just found out about this but it will require *press training* so...eep?

5. [personal profile] laurashapiro and her SO is coming to stay with us in March! We shall then away to Cardiff to Vidukon.

6. Vidukon! I would love to make a vid for Vidukon. Or just another vid in general, really. We'll see how work/work-addled psyche allows for spare time.

7. Also in March: I get older! Friends get married! April: Ian gets older, we go to Chicago!

Life is busy, and in mostly a good way and wow there are lots of neat things to look forward to!

Internet, I will try to tell you about some of them.
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This is a Vividcon post. If that means anything to y'all, read on. Well I mean, read on if you want to read on, just, if you don't know what Vividcon is you will be a bit confused.

SO...two things:

1) I FINISHED MY SHOSHANNA VID. JETLAG HELPED. IT'S IN VVC PREMIERES. IT MIGHT NOT SUCK. IF IT DOES, I WILL BE TOLD. NO PRESSURE, ME. In lieu of photgraphs I provide you with this illustration of how this makes me feel: :D D: :D D: :D

I want to vid more. I have ideas queued up.

2) I am really looking forward to VVC. Straight up. Hopefully the flight won't fuck my ankles up as much flying to Texas did so I can dance as hard as I can. OMG I haven't seen some of you guys in a *year* OMG MORE PLEASE. And I get to see *caaaaaaaats*. I am so animal deprived, you guys. I just spent 6 hours at a street festival gazing longingly at people's puppies.

Apparently I am tired and rambly, and therefore you do not get more substance in this update. Whoops.


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