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Um...chose that icon because, uh...Winter is Coming?

Anyway, I finished book 5.  I'm caught up now!  The internet and its rampant spoilers in unexpected places can't hurt me anymore.

Speaking of spoilers, here is a cut:

Thoughts about the book, the series, and some things I need to get out )

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If anyone is wondering, I did not lapse during the March Media Blackout, except when I accidentally bought Feast for Crows.

But I didn't watch Community.  And now I get to catch up.  But this is not about Community, this is about S2 of Game of Thrones.

Okay so season 2 rolls around and suddenly I'm a fancy-pants who's read the books through very-nearly-the-end-of Feast for Crows and now I'm some kind of sassy authority.  But seriously, all I've done in March was read A Song of Ice and Fire and then I got older and Ian gave me Skyrim and so then it was SOIAF *AND* Skyrim.  Goddamn swords everywhere.  Swords when I sleep.  Also fire.

Also in the spirit of GoT/SOIAF, I had a glass of mead when I watched the episode.  Which I finished 6 mins ago.  JUST ONE TINY GLASS.  From the bottle that I opened that was a housewarming gift to Ian like 8 years ago or something.

ANYWAY (Jesus), here is a pretty much instantaneous reaction to the first ep.  I will NOT spoil anything for the books, beyond where the story currently has us.  And when I do it will be to pout about like, inconsequential changes.  That is the warning.

Thank God It Wasn't Chevov's Axe )


joyo: One panel from the comic "Love and Rockets".   Has maggie standing holding a giant wrench. (Default)

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