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WHo wants to geek out with me about it? I have many feelings.  I have so many feelings that apparently I had to write a fic.  My first fic.  Ever.

See, I'd been watching piles of TV.  Tore through half of Breaking Bad, got distracted.  Tore through Arrested Deveopment, then Parks and Rec.  Briefly revisited Ally McBeal for very shallow (RDJ-shaped) reasons.  

And then at Vividcon (which I utterly failed to make a recs post for), there was [ profile] flummery 's Ramalama Bang Bang which *reminded me* that I was only about halfway through S1.  That vid planted a wee little seed in the back of my head, because there was a specific episode I'd heard about that I could already tell I would be particularly susceptible to (spoiler: I WAS RIGHT).  And uh so I caught up through 2.01 this weekend and all made an impression.  Huge.  Big deal.  I have thoughts.  Some are substantive, some not.  Let me share.

Spoilers for 1.01 through 2.01 )And then there was fic. )
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I started my festivid assignment, *finally*. I'm feeling good about it, the idea is clear and it the vid pleases me, so can't complain on that front.

Speaking of fronts, that paragraph is a total front for the true purpose of this post: We have a sick fox in our garden.

Late this morning Ian yelled "Amy look out the back window!"

This is code for "there is a feathery or fuzzy thing in the garden which is by its very nature relevant to your interests"

It's usually our resident green woodpecker, but today it was...a little fox.

A very sick little fox. It's always weird to see a fox strolling around in broad daylight, nevermind laying down in full view to scratch and bite at itself for 20 mins.

Vulpine Rescue Adventures! )


joyo: One panel from the comic "Love and Rockets".   Has maggie standing holding a giant wrench. (Default)

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