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Whether or not I have the presence of mind to get my shit together and make a recs list remains to be seen.

In the mean time:

My gift was an Only Lovers Left Alive vid and it is PERFECT.  It is everything I loved about the movie and it is so slow and lush and sexy and WATCH IT RIGHT NOW (it's an embedded Youtube vid on the official Festivid post)

Feather Moon - Vienna Teng (Only Lovers Left Alive)
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Dear Festividder,

OMG, look at you! You are here to make me a VID! <3 <3 <3 to you! You are amazing, and this is a super cool thing to do for someone. So LET'S GET TO IT!

My theme for this year is FEELINGS. I have a somewhat random assortment of movies and TV, but they all have something in common: they all have moved me in some significant way.

General likes in vids

I am inclined to like vids. I like playing with lyrics and the theme of the song. I LOVE LOVE LOVE internal motion and choreography. I like it when I can see something new every time I

see a vid. I love when vidders get interpretive with lyrics.


Overuse of literalism. Overuse of filters/effects for the sake of using filters and effects. Microcutting for the sake of micro-cutting.

...actually that sounds like different parts of the same issue: it's just about making mindful desicions about the hows and whys of a vid. (I'm one of those people, sorry). I think the idea should carry the vid, and the cutting and effects should serve the idea. There's a really wide variety of styles that I like, including effects heavy vids, but they all have *intent*, if that makes sense. 


I'm pretty easy with music, as I genuinely enjoy a wide range of stuff. All time favorites include David Bowie, pre-Good News Modest Mouse, Velvet Underground, MGMT, Tori Amos, Andrew Bird, Joanna Newsom, the Pixies, and classic Elton John. Currently I can't stop listening to Sleigh Bells, San Fermin (esp Sonsick omg), Cold War kids and Janelle Monae. But I like rock, most pop (esp upbeat), folk, soul, funk, psychadelic stuff, intrumental, metal, hip hop and I can be convinced about country western. I like finding new music through vids.

I don't have a lot of no-go areas, but "Things that sound like Nickleeback or Evanescence" are gonna be a hard sell. Also this is totally random but I basically can't stand Vampire Weekend. I don't know what it is about them. I don't know. I just...*shrugs*.

Adventure Time, The Fisher King, Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus, Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo, Millenium Actress, Submarine, A Tale of Two Sisters, The Great Mouse Detective )
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Title: Collage
Source: Homeland, S1
Collage by James Gang
Warnings:  No standard warnings apply

Summary: Carrie and Saul pick up the pieces.

Streaming: (password: nurseryrhyme)

Download: (56.3MB)

Lyrics )

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Title: The One
Artist: Elton John
Source: Rocky I, II, III, IV
Summary: Like freedom feels...
Warnings: Graphic sporting violence (boxing), major spoilers for all films.

Download link: (97MB)


password: freedom

Big thanks to [personal profile] absolutedestiny  for formal beta-ing, and massive tech support. Additional thanks to[personal profile] trelkez and [personal profile] fan_eunice for massive cheerleading and VITAL SISABET PSYCHE-PENETRATION advice.

Alternative summary: A gentleman punches another gentleman with an unusual amount of skill. The other gentleman then helps the first to punch different gentlemen with more efficiency, and then the original gentleman returns the favor. They hug a lot.

Lyrics )

Background, explanation, confessions )

Trivia for Sisabet )

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Dear Festividder:

You are lovely. Just gonna throw that out there now. Whoever you are, and whatever else you may be, you are a person who has volunteered to do a thing that will take hours and days out of your life to bring somebody some joy--somebody who is probably a stranger.

You get points in Column: Makes World a Nicer Place to Live

Also you volunteered things I like, which means you have excellent taste. That is basically enough in terms of strict "prompts", because what is listed below are thing I'd love to see any vids for, really. The rest is gravy. Consider this letter, then, as an opportunity for me to blab at you about why I've asked for what I have.

Why? Because if it were me (and it's going to be), I'd find the insight into why something was selected very interesting and possibly helpful, especially if the recipient did something so unhelpful as to say "what is listed below are things I'd love to see any vids for, really." ::coughs::

The Fisher King and The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus (warning: long) )

The Funeral )

Jean Cocteau's Beauty and the Beast )
The Quiet Family )

Shall We Dansu? )

Triplets of Belleville )

Space Pirate Captain Harlock WARNING: Possibly incomprehensible )

So, dear Dear Festividder, I leave things in your hands.

Go on. I believe in you.

::internet hugs::


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