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 Reveals are done!  We are dusted!  Our Festivids lives are complete!   I am a slow slow slug and am only posting about it now, so I hope y'all aren't too burned out on vid-talk.

First of all, my very own vid that was made FOR ME!  I received a TOTALLY FUN and BOUNCY vid to Toys by [ profile] deejay , which you can peruse at your leisure here.  Extra thanks to her for picking up a rather last-minute pinch hit (I thought I may not have been making it easy this year!)

Next is the vid I made for [personal profile] bingeling:

Collage - a Homeland character study of the relationship between Carrie and Saul.  I have a looooot to say about this vid.  It's by far the most ambitious idea I've made thusfar (or at least fininshed and released).  I had the idea back in the summer, and promptly intimidated myself out of doing it.   But when I got my assignment I saw that they'd named Saul and Carrie's relationship SPECIFICALLY BY NAME I thought it must be a SIGN.  

I'm glad I got the nudge I needed to actually pull it off, and I'm even gladder that it was what they *wanted*.   The reception to it was so so incredibly satisfying...I GOT A WHOLE WALL OF TEXT FROM MY RECIPIENT.  PARAGRAPHS OF "I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE".

All in all a good time.  Except I still need to do a recs post!  Do we still care about recs?  I do!

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joyo: One panel from the comic "Love and Rockets".   Has maggie standing holding a giant wrench. (Default)

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