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Quick quick drive-by reaction maybe thoughts later if anyone wants to think with me.

1.Rumpelstiltskin, you are a *bad* man. Damn, boy.  I have a prediction that I will put here for posterity:  Regina is the baby that Rumpelstiltskin was promised by the Miller's Daugther (Cora).  This is not a new prediction.  My prediction is:  Instead of her tricking him, they came to a compromise.  Cora could keep the baby so long as Rumpel was allowed to try and mould her into the creature he wanted (the one who could bring about the curse).  Cora agreed, but as her own power grew she sought instead to raise Regina in her own image.  Her control over Regina's life and machinations were at least in part to keep her from Rumpel's influence as long as she could.  Rumpel allowed it to continue as long as he saw fit, and then when Regina came to him (which he knew she eventually would) he helped orchestrate Cora's removal, which allowed him full influence over her. 

That said I am concerned about the Tumblr fangirls saying "IF YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND THAT REGINA ISN'T REALLY TRULY EVIL SHE WAS FORCED INTO AND SHE'S THE MOST WELL DEVELOPED COMPLEX CHARACTER ON TV THEN I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY" cause uh...yeah.  Her reaction was possibly disproportionate with all of the...random murder.   You could just as easily say Rumpel was a victim of his fear and desperation, and was manipulated into a situation and had no way of knowing the conditions or what it would actually entail.  Because that's *true*.  It's true for both of them.  Both of them were driven to seek power to fill a void in their hearts.  Both of them have done frankly horriffic things that really can't be excused by saying "BUT THEY HAD HUUURTS IN THEIR FEEEEELS".  

I'm starting to suspect that in the long run, only one of them will have redemption and a happy ending.  I have no idea who. I kind of like it that way.  I feel like I can like/be compelled by both of them without getting into apologetics, and if one or both of them meets an Unhappy End I feel like I can be satisfied with it.  Er...for now.  SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

2. "It's been two days since I last used magic"

(later) "...I used magic again"

I clapped.

3. "I have something more powerful than magic"

My mother and I: (in unison)  SCIENCE!

Mom:  "So...magic and science...both evil?"
Me:  No, not science.  Science is only evil if you mix it with magic.
Mom: ::nods::
Me:  Don't cross the streams.


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