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Okay, I accidentally deleted most of the reaction post to last week's ep, but I *did* get involved in a very long allcaps feelings explosion on [personal profile] jetpack_monkey  's journal with two other fans, so...balance?


Okay, so  I've been waiting with baited breath for this ep as it features my strange and unexpected OTP, and as I said in a comment elsewhere:  I need to stop watching all the promos.  It kind of ruins the emotional surprises.  Like the moment with Charming where Gold asks for dating advice, and the scene in bar where Milha humiliates Rumpel.  I think that's important for me to preserve because so far this season feels more...predictable.  And I mean, yeah.  Fairy Tales, and usually Disney version of them, but in S1 it felt like there were more surprises that *traded on* the knowledge of Disney canon.  I dunno, it's early in the season.  I sussed out basically every piece of the plot long before any reveals.  It's only fun to guess correctly when you're actually *wrong* sometimes :P

Anyway, there were tasty treats for me.  I LOVED Belle meeting Red.  I want more.  I love how they addressed Belle and Rumpel's relationship before the non-Fairy Tale Land side of their relationship got skeevy.  And I wasn't particularly drooly over Hook, which *surprised* me.  I should have been all about that.   Weird.

OH AND SPEAKING OF SKEEVY:  Omfg Belle's dad.  Seriously.  He went from zero to "mind wipe" so quickly it was breathtaking. Holy shit.  I think the only thing that made it remotely believable is that you saw so little of their Fairy Tale relationship.  I guess we're meant to extrapolate that he'd always been overprotective, and had planned her whole life out for her (arranging her marriage, as one example).  That potentially makes the first scene we see them read soooo differently I just...that's a whole fic right there.  Hmmm.

It's particularly creepy when you consider this:  What he tried to do was worse than anything Rumpel ever did to her.  Seriously. SERIOUSLY.

And then it's only Gold who gets to redeem himself by the end of the ep.  And that scene was played so perfectly.  I was cross at him, and worried about how they were gonna do the relationship, but OMG they gave me everything I wanted.  There's an apartment above the library for Belle!  She can have her own life FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HER LIFE.  Gold got over himself and was able to do something BRAVE and SELFLESS and they are GOING TO HAVE A HAMBURGER TOGETHER.  I mean, don't get me OTP.  But it's not my OTP if it's Stockholm Syndrome. Also?  ANGST.  Angst is delicious.  Yessss. 

Also GODDAMN ROBERT CARLYE YOU ARE SO GOOD.  Jesus.  That comment  I made about his accent as Rumpel being different a few weeks ago?  It's because it *was*.  On purpose.  He changes it  according to the part of the FTL timeline the scene takes place in, because his identity evolves and layers over time.  And he';s so subtle as Gold.  Ugh, just...UGH.  MY FEELINGS. 

Anyway, I wanted to round things off by sharing a game that I play when I watch OUAT.  I should start by explaining that I watch this with my parents.  And when we watch things together we like to *talk at them* together.  Our favorite two games are "I BET WHAT HAPPENS IS..." and "HOLY CRAP ISN'T THAT...".  Tonight I won.  Here is a selection of my victories:

1. Belle wakes up in a queen sized bed, looks next to her and is alarmed that it is empty

Me: (in head) Well that answers *that* question. Sort of. As much as ABC is probably going to allow.

2. Rumpel goes to get Milha from the bar, Milha humiliates him, then agrees to try hard.

Me: "She's in love with Hook.  She is going to leave with Hook and he is going to be her boyfriend"

3 Hook tells Rumpel that Milha is dead

Me: "He is lying because that is what everyone does when they tell Rumpelstiltskin somebody is dead and he never seems to figure it out"

4. Belle's reunites with her father and he disrespects her autonomy

Me:  "OMFG he's gonna push her over the boundary line!!!!"

5. Rumpel cuts off Hook's hand for the magical bean within

Me:  "You wanna check that hand now, bro"

6. Rumpel discovers that there is no bean in the left hand


Uh I have a separate post about a fic.  I should do that.  Tomorrow.

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