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Dear Festividder,

Well, here we are again. Or in your case it may be the first time. Who knows? Regardless, you are here now to make me a vid! Either way my tiny hands are clapping in anticipation.

This year I have a theme, and that theme is "formative childhood movies/tv". Be warned, I watched a hell of a lot of cartoons.

Also, here is a general prompt: I really don't have a lot of specific ideas in mind for these sources. What I'm honestly saying with my requests is this: You, My Secret Vidder, volunteered for these sources. You did that for a reason. That's what I want to see: your reason. I didn't have a lot of "TV friends" growing up who I shared these with. Seeing someone else getting excited about them via VIDS would be awesome. I am, as always, happy to have treats!

So, in rough order of how tightly they have wound my heartstrings, I give you:

The Wonderful World of Puss In Boots

A year after releasing The Little Norse Prince, up-and-coming Japanese studio Toei released their 15th feature film, an adaptation of Perrault's Puss N Boots. A team comprised of future Japanese animation superstars (including Hayao Miyazaki and Yasuo Otsuka) ensured it was beautiful and tremendously successful. The quality of animation could compete the with the likes of Disney, and to this day stands up strikingly well. Pero the cat became and remains Toei's mascot, and Miyazaki moved on to do all of the wonderful things we know him for today.

My connection: It wasn't until I got older that I started to appreciate how frequently I was exposed to anime as a small child. But this was probably the first Japanese-produced one that I recall clearly, and I latched onto it like some kind of noisy little-girl pit viper. I couldn't have been older than 5 when I rented the tape from the video store and watched it over and over and *over*. I stomped around the house in my dad's combat boots with a nine-iron for a sword (until it was banished to the outside) and reenacted scenes for stuffed animals. Years later I even named my hamster "Gideon" after one of the bad-guy cats. I mean, that hamster ended up with about 7 names based on stuff I liked, but Gideon was the first one. I never actually owned the movie, and one day after the umpteenth week of refusing to leave with any other tape, it seemed to disappear from the shop altogether. I'm pretty sure that my parents eventually got so fed up with having to see the damn thing again that they finally just hid it on another shelf and I was forced to move on to something else. I don't remember what that was...

Twice Upon A Time

The IMDB summary is: Two wannabe heroes and their friends must stop a madman from giving everyone nightmares.

This is far more concise a plot summary than I could ever manage, so lets talk about context instead:

The Ladd Company, which brought us such films as Chariots of Fire, Blade Runner, Police Academy, Braveheart, has always pushed the envelope--occasionally, off of a cliff. In 1983 they joined up with Lucasfilm to produce a feature animated film with a unique cutout animation process and a very tight budget. A combination of financial trouble at Ladd and a disagreement between (director) John Korty and (Producer) Bill Couterie over the film's intended audience essentially doomed it to obscurity. It had only a limited release...and then endless squabbling over two main versions of the film which has prevented a DVD release of the original edit. If this interests you at *all*, there is a rundown of the whole drama on wikipedia.

Which is a shame. Because it's great. The cast is primarily improvisational comedians, including Lorenzo Music (aka GARFIELD) and Marshall Efron.

My Connection: Seriously, if you are looking for an easy treat? Then just go and watch this movie and then *talk to me* about it. That'll do it. I have a lot of *feelings* about this that words like "important" and "formative" do not do adequate justice to. My parents taped the "good bits" edit off of HBO the one time it aired...this was before I was *born*. I watched it so much. To this day, I still quote it. I uh, didn't realize it had swearing at all until I was about 12, and re-watched and went "oh! naughty!". But it's beautiful to look at, funny, quirky and probably still a unique movie experience. I am thrilled to see multiple fan-restorations so widely available, since Korty has a vice-like grip on the rights and we probably won't see a original version released until he, well...dies.

What I link to above is part 1 of (imo) the best restoration job I've seen so far (All parts are available from the same user). Even if you don't make me a vid, even if you are just reading this in passing then GO AND WATCH IT. RIGHT NOW. I want more people to see it. The whole "versions" thing is primarily an issue of audio edits, though, so if you find a different version with better quality footage and you do want to vid it, go for it!


The gentle-hearted son of a beloved toymaker must defend his father's legacy of innocent whimsey from his war-mongering uncle's military machinations.

The *other* early 90s Robin Williams family film. The one he probably wishes you would forget. WE WILL NEVER FORGET.

My connection: Toys is a goddamn masterpiece and I will not hear otherwise. I don't care what no Rotten Tomatoes says. This movie successfully predicted the rise of unmanned military combat drones nearly 20 years in advance. No one fucking remembers that. It's a CRIME. Also? Joan Cusack, and the feature film debut of one screen legend LL Cool J. It has Robin Wright AND Dumbledore in it. It has its own entry on Vigilant Citizen. So what's your excuse? YOU DON'T HAVE ONE.

This needs to be a vid about whimsey, and innocence and laughter and learning to grow up and be brave, but not take yourself too seriously. I have said "this is important to me" too many times so just take it is as written here (if that fails then I guess just read where I wrote it back there). I just...I can't do the words anymore. I'm just gonna go watch some clips on YouTube.

Count Duckula

Back before Nickelodeon could really afford to produce their own content, they imported most of their programming from Canada, the UK, Japan and continental Europe. This produced an eclectic mix of shows that exposed my generation to the likes of Grimm's Fairtale Classics, David the Gnome, Belle and Sebastian, and the works of Cosgrove Hall Films. Count Duckula first appears as a minor character in CHF's popular Dangermouse series, but earned a spin-off of its own in 1988, recast as an accidentally vegetarian reincarnation of a long line of blood-thirsty vampire ducks that lives in a magical time-travelling castle and dreams of show-business. 3 seasons of extremely British humor followed.

My Connection: If Puss N Boots was my most memorable early exposure to Japanese animation, then Duckula was my first British one. The word "formative influence" is gonna get used a lot in this letter, and it certainly applies here: this show was really important. I was totally obsessed with it, I would drop everything to go and watch it. Duckula and Nanny were my favorites, but I also dug those crow guys. At least I think they were crows. I think I tried to learn Duckula's little dance. I dont know. IT'S IMPORTANT. I don't have a prompt for a vid, per se. Just something that captures the spirit of the show. If you have fond memories too, then show me! I will dig it, I promise.

All Dogs Go to Heaven AKA "Don Bluth Frightens Children and Makes Them Cry: Part 4"

The 4th feature film from decamped Disney animator Don Bluth.

Career "Naughty Dog" Charlie gets bumped off a Dog Mob Boss and goes to heaven, where all dogs go, because PUPPIES. But he's isn't having any of that nightgown-wearing cloudy nonsense, so he steals his own soul and goes back down to earth to get revenge and cheat at cards, or something. He meets a sweet little orphan girl who can talk to animals and decides that's a useful skill for the party. Shenanigans follow. Characters develop (within reason). Also there is an alligator. All in all it makes more sense than Rock-A-Doodle.

My Connection: Look, Don Bluth frightens children, and then he makes them cry. That is just the way of things, and of those of us who remember the 80s understand and respect this. I was very susceptible to darkness in children's fare, but I still sought it out and watched it even if I got scared/sad. Bluth movies were particularly effective. NIHM, American Tail, and Land Before Time were huge parts of my childhood, but All Dogs was nearly an obsession. Also, it was chock-full of important life lessons. Here are two: 1)If you are an orphan, find a dog. It will raise you and you will get to eat pizza. 2)If you paint a whippet pink, it's an angel now!

I'd like a vid about Charlie's journey, and how he learns to be a good dog.

Rainbow Bright and the Star Stealer

The movie! A perky blonde with natural leadership skills battles a spoiled princess bent on stealing a planet-sized diamond. The diamond is actually some kind of meta-prism for the hugging light of the universe and her taking it will basically ruin everyone's life forever. Rainbow Bright has to stop her!

My connection: It's funny, I never really watched the show, but I had this on tape and watched it over and over again. Usually while eating a Jello Pudding Cup (the chocolate/vanilla layered kind. One layer at a time) There were horsies! And friendship! And freaky demon things. AND OMG The princess, her castle is so goddamn amazing. Seriously THE DOORS I mean god she was a hopeless villain but you cannot fault her taste in decoration. I don't really have a song for it. Something true to the era would be fantastic. While I didn't watch the show I certainly don't mind you padding things out with TV footage. The movie is only like 80 mins long.


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