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I'm very interested to see what direction they're gonna take this season.  Aside from Regina's backstory plot, this episode had a lot of focus on the Menz.  Which was kind of cool.  I am perfectly okay about this as long as it's not some kind of zero-sum thing.  I like Charming a lot more than I like David Nolan, who I frequently wanted to slap.  But I hope they aren't going to do so at the expense of Regina, Red, Belle, and Cinderella on the "Maineland" side of the story.  I mean, they've got 20-something episodes so it's not like there isn't time.  But there were moments that gave me pause.  Mainly: "Normally I do the fighting, Snow does the talking"

POINT OF INFORMATION, CHARMY:  Actually Snow does both of them, quite well, and I have a feeling we're about to see that really kick off.

Other things that stuck out:


Except that turn-around felt kind of...quick.

I mean she's been so steadfast to always being The Evil Queen instead of just *Regina*, and ignoring her own pain/alienation, even where it concerns Henry.  How many times has she made the "OW MY HEART" pouty face at the wounding words/actions of others before turning around basically doing the exact opposite thing from what would *stop her hurting*, especially where it would give any quarter or comfort to the Charmings.  She does really love her son, and I'm really glad he stood up for her in the premiere and started treating her like the woman did actually raise him.  He just wanted the curse broken, he didn't want his adoptive mother obliterated or anything.  He's a sweet kid. I wonder how far this will go.  I could buy it for Henry, especially since the business with the magic

2. Rumple, what is up with your accent? Seriously he's more reserved and dignified than he used to be, and while I'm not complaining I wonder if that has anything to do with the timeline, or if it's just Robert Carlyle settling into the role.  This ep he was all Received Pronunciation Dignitary mos of the time and then I swear he went all Jason Statham for like a sentence and then it was back to the BBC World Service.  I guess it was particularly noticeable because I had just rewatched the pilot, where he's all batshit-screamy and hopping all over the place (vocally and physically) all TEE-HEEs and generally waaaay OTT.  I'm glad that toned down over time, I just wonder if it has any subtle signficance (maybe the longer he's the Dark One the more unhinged he is?) Dunno.  

3. OH HAI LANCELOT.  We're getting Arthurian now.  We're also getting more PoCs.  I am pleased.  I also like this, and Mulan because you have more fairytale characters that aren't automatically paired up.  I see many ships gathering in the harbor...can't you see them?


Okay I mentioned this to a couple people, because the idea was posed in a fic, where Rumple was doing some sleuthing to find out if perhaps Henry's biological father wasn't Baelfire.  And now...I want that to happen.  Except I want it to be a surprise for...everybody.  Just to see the reactions of like Rumple and ESPECIALLY Regina.  Holy shit.  And in this episode Rumple tells her "Your family is going to be very important to me" and I know that could be anything but omg I just...I want it to happen.  I just want to see their faces.  "LOOK HENRY, IT'S YOUR OTHER GRANDAD!" and then Charming's head explodes in a splash of fairy dust. 

Mr Whale:  WHO IS HE????  Its really bothering me.  Whales? I'm pretty sure he's a villain. It would fit the pattern.

Please note that I am very good and did not complain that Belle did not appear at all.  She's part of the main cast promotions for the season, I know she'll get her time.  Just...I want to see what happens when she talks to her Dad, for obvious reasons :P


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