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If anyone is wondering, I did not lapse during the March Media Blackout, except when I accidentally bought Feast for Crows.

But I didn't watch Community.  And now I get to catch up.  But this is not about Community, this is about S2 of Game of Thrones.

Okay so season 2 rolls around and suddenly I'm a fancy-pants who's read the books through very-nearly-the-end-of Feast for Crows and now I'm some kind of sassy authority.  But seriously, all I've done in March was read A Song of Ice and Fire and then I got older and Ian gave me Skyrim and so then it was SOIAF *AND* Skyrim.  Goddamn swords everywhere.  Swords when I sleep.  Also fire.

Also in the spirit of GoT/SOIAF, I had a glass of mead when I watched the episode.  Which I finished 6 mins ago.  JUST ONE TINY GLASS.  From the bottle that I opened that was a housewarming gift to Ian like 8 years ago or something.

ANYWAY (Jesus), here is a pretty much instantaneous reaction to the first ep.  I will NOT spoil anything for the books, beyond where the story currently has us.  And when I do it will be to pout about like, inconsequential changes.  That is the warning.

Boy are some Kings about to Clash.

Or...swords storm.  No, that's book 3.  Anyway, I dug it.  I was able to forgive the really obvious "WE ARE HAVING EXPOSITION HERE!"   "WHAT, THE EXPOSITION?  WHERE?"   "HERE, IT IS HERE DON'T YOU REMEMBER THE EVENTS THAT LED TO OUR SPEAKING HERE, JUST NOW, ABOUT THE EXPOSITION?"

I forgave those because god DAMN there some stuff to get through.  So many characters, and then *new* characters and plot threads.  Shit is *complicated*.  

And Crastor is gross.  Yeah, actually, here's a weird thing:  I saw S1 before reading the books, so all of the Book 1 Characters are in my mind as their actors.  Jon, Daenerys, Catelyn, Cersei, Jaime, Joffrey et al.  Those are their faces in my head.  But now I get to play the "That is not how I pictured him/her" game.

So, in Order:

-Melisandre:  She wasn't firey enough for me.  Don't ask me to explain it.  I can't remember what region she was from but her hair was all wrong I was not expecting her to be like "Irish pale".  I do like that the Maester was kind of a badass instead of a desperate frightened old man.  Props for diginty-changes.

-Uh....Davos was fine.   So was what's his name.  Drunk guy at the tourney.  Except his pants hadn't fallen down and his cock wasn't flapping around and SOME TIMES YOU SHOULD JUST TELL THE STORY AS WRITTEN, GUYS.

-Okay so I guess she was the only casting choice I took issue with.

As I have alluded, there were some subtle and less subtle differences between how threads were established in the book, and in the show.  And I'm going to level with you:  I can't remember how many were actually different and how many I am just misremembering.  I blasted through book 2 so quickly it's just crazy, so I am actually goin to appeal to y'all for a second:

1.  Was Theon actually with Team Stark at the beginning, like it shows?  Genuinely, cannot remember.  This is of very little consequence at the moment, I am just trying to remember what's what.

2.  Uh, that stuff with Joffrey and Cersei where he threatens her...I know he's a shit,  and I appreciate what they're trying to do, especially if it tortures Cersei emotionally on any level, but c'mon.  It's like one of those "New Discovery:  Did HItler also fuck his cousin???" news moments.  I remember that scene, but I don't remember it going so far.  Dude's a POS, but I don't remember it going that far.  And it doens't *need* to.  Either this changes their relationship or I was asleep when I read it.  I am willing to admit both are an equal possiblity.

3. The Littlefinger threat-circle.  C'mon, he is way more subtle than that.  Did that happen?  I swear I do not remember him just being all "HEEEEEEY, I am going to PROVOKE you!"  OH NO NOW I AM WHIMPERING FOR MY LIFE!

But this is all fine.  Really.  If they want to kill Dany's horse for some reason then that is fine (wait, that may have happened?).  It's all working for me right now.   I think the only thing that like, *bugged* me was a teensy little thing where Jaime was afraid of Grey Wind.  Wrong.  Fuck that.  Jaime Lannister is not afraid.  Jaime Lannister does not give a shit.  Jaime Lannisters gets dismissive and he doesn't care about your wolf and fuck you anyway.  And this is really important and you need to understand and *appreciate* this, because it is science (fantasy) FACT.



I am done now.

except p.s. Crastor is a creepster.


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